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What is a postpartum doula

Some people hire a private labor coach, or doula, to assist during childbirth. Similarly, there are doulas who specialize in helping families after the baby's born, easing the burdens of daily life so you can concentrate on your baby.

Postpartum doulas don't have medical degrees but rather are trained or experienced in providing care during the first days, weeks or months after childbirth. They'll do all sorts of things to help ease your transition to new parenthood.

Here's what my client's say!

Baby Lady Ping


certified Postpartum Doula


My name is Linda Ping Pan and I am an International Doula Institute certified Postpartum Doula.  I was born with an enormous need for affection, and a powerful need to give it.

I help you care for your body after birth and during any surgical recovery period from a cesarean section. All mothers need time to recuperate, relax, and nurture herself while the families’ needs are taken care of. I will support the adjustment process with your first newborn or manage integration with the addition of a new family member.  Lending a helping hand to a partner and or siblings during the transition of their new role.

Household assistance during this time will be offered to keep things going smoothly. Overnight care, travel, and special needs may be provided as needed

My job varies from day to day, as the needs of your family change. I will do whatever you, as a mother, need to best enjoy and care for your new baby. A large part of my role is education. I share information about baby care with you as well as teach siblings and partners to “mother the mother”. I assist with breastfeeding education.  The mother is cared for both physically, emotionally, and much more.  I’m here to make the mother comfortable. 

I am honest, reliable, hardworking, and I really enjoy working with children. I have also volunteered in the children’s department at my church, and now with Loma Linda Hospital.  Both did a detailed back-ground check on me.

I am available 24/7 for your support.  I am also certified in Pediatric CPR.